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I am a young guy in my early 20s. I like to learn and observe and lot. And I would like to share my experiences, my knowlege and tricks with everyone, my age or older or younger. I hope that it can help you somewhere in your life.

Every now and then, while we are always busy in our lives, there comes a moment of saturation when we stop and ask ourselves what we are doing. And all of a sudden, everything that we are doing starts seeming useless. In this fast world of growing competition, there is really less time left for ourselves to enjoy. How you can enjoy yourselves and what I do to enjoy myself, I will cover that in my next post. So don’t forget to subscribe!


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Now back to the main topic, we are gripped with that feeling of mental fatigue and hopelessness when try and overstress ourselves. Sometimes, it may lead to question our own beliefs or our path.

I am telling this from my own experience. I am always surrounded by constant stream of thoughts on what to do next. What I should I learn next. What I can do to keep stay a step ahead of my competition. I am constantly searching for new ways to improve what I do and how I can get the most out of my life. With all this continuous stream of thoughts, I feel my self really tiered and at one point, thinking of what if I am doing it wrong? What if it is not worth it in the end? What if it turns out to be totally pointless?

From all these years of experience, I have learn’t the following basic 5 lessons:

  1. Life is uncertain:

    No matter how well you try to plan ahead, life is always uncertain. You never know what is going to happen with you in the next 5 minutes. And when you don’t know that, how can you make sure that it will work according to you after a year or so? So it is always better to enjoy what you are doing today. Plan for tomorrow but don’t overstress about it. Or you might loose what you have today. Keep in mind, every moment that passes now, it is a memory and never coming back.

  2. Sometimes it is better let life take control:

    We want what we planned. And to get that, we are willing to do whatever it takes. But sometimes, things will not work out. No matter how hard you try, but sometimes, it will not turn out to be what you want. And then, if you become too intent on making it work your way, it can backfire really badly. Sometimes even hurt you, or your loved ones or your reputation or do some irreparable damage. In that situation, it is better to let life take over and let the things unravel themselves. There is always another way to reach your destination but it might not be what you thought it will be.

  3. Be patient:

    Very few people know the power of patience. Patience in today’s world is not a common thing to witness. We want everything and we want it quickly. We want shortcuts to everything. But you can never have everything through shortcuts. Everything comes with a price. You want a fruit to ripe, you will have to wait. It takes patience. Persistence. Even I am not too old. I am a young boy. I see a lot of impatient fellow boys and girls who want it the quick way and end having nothing at all. But I am really happy that I have learnt the merits of patience now. It will help me in the long term. Don’t try to force something your way. Don’t try to look for shortcuts. Be patience and persistent. And you will have thing work your way. Everything happens at the right time. Not sooner. Not later.

  4. Learn from the older:

    The best lessons of life you can have are from the older and elderly. Your parents. Your grandparents. Everybody makes mistakes in their lives. So have your parents. And your grandparents. They are an open book of “What not to do in your life”. Ask them. Its always better to learn from other people’s mistakes. Don’t underestimate them. Learn from their mistakes.

  5. Respect everyone:

    Respect everyone. Be kind. Being kind is a power on its own. If you are kind with others, even if they don’t treat you well, this world has its ways of rewarding the kind hearted – I am not saying you go super kind and ignore people who are really harmful – but you should respect everyone. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

These are only the very few and very basic lessons that you have to exercise in your daily life routine to keep yourself motivated and working. I will share more lessons in the coming posts. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Have a good day or a blissful night!



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